Gada Hand Soap

Its small volume and its distinctive design make it ideal for lavatory use. It adds a nice styling touch to your bathroom especially that it offers a choice of colors that can be matched to the environment scheme.
It has a skin-friendly hydrating formula that cleans hands while preserving their softness.
It comes in different fragrances.

Lac Hand Soap

This is the ideal hand soap for large homes and restaurants.
It cleans hands while treating them gently, without causing dehydration to the skin.
It is available in different colors and fragrances

Economical Packaging: 4L containers.

Re-Fresh Body Shampoo

Re-fresh body shampoo is made from neutral cleansing constituents and moisturizing agents.
Its unique formula enriched with plant extracts is gentle on the skin.
The fresh fragrance revitalizes your body and adds a hint of energy to your bath.
It is available in two different types.

Packaging: 1L and 2L containers