Gada Nail Polish Remover

Gada nail polish remover dissolves gently and easily nail polish, even under the cuticles. It is only one wipe away.

It contains Oleaginous  constituents to prevent your nails from dryness and to preserve natural moisture.

Available in two colors, Pink and Green with two different fragrances.
Two types of packaging are offered, both in 125cc container.

Hydrapo Hand Cream

Daily care for body and hands, with an advanced formula that hydrates thoroughly penetrating the deep layers of the skin.

A unique combination of moisturizing agents enriched with Allantoin and chamomile that helps prevent all irritations of the skin.
Even sensitive hands are left smooth and soft with no oily sensation.

Packaging: 65grs

Gada Shaving Cream

Mild shaving cream with rich effective cream lather.

Gada shaving cream contains gentle and protective constituents to leave even the most sensitive skin  soft and moisturized .
It is available in different types.
Packaging: 65grs and 100grs