Bantol Antiseptic

Antiseptic, Anti-bacterial, Disinfectant Liquid.
This product is completely safe and does not contain any toxic constituent. Bantol can be used as a disinfectant for laundry and for general cleaning, bathrooms, toilets and floors.
Bantol contains Para Chloro Metaxylenol 4.8% W/V, vegetal soaps and pine oil fragrance.

It is also recommended for cuts, bites and insects stings.

Packaging: 500cc, and 4L containers.


Forex WC Cleaner

W.C. liquid cleaner. Forex cleans and disinfects toilets, removes stains, sediment and rust, kills bacteria that cause bad smells. It also protects chrome and sink floors to keep bathrooms clean and sterile.
Packaging: 1L container