AF3 Dish-washing Liquid

A dish-washing liquid specially formulated for sparkling dishes.

Tough on dirt and grease and soft on sensitive hands.

AF3 cleans dishes, brightens glasses.
With its new improved formula, AF3 has  constituents that  dissolve grease without having to scrub.
AF3 is enriched with betaine which leaves your hands soft and smooth.
Packaging: 600cc, 1L and 4L Containers


AF7 all 1

AF7 Multipurpose Cleaner

AF7 wipes clean all floors, walls and washable surfaces.
With its efficient formula, this special household cleaner gives a bright shine to your floors and ensures a bacteria and insect free environment.
Packaging: 750cc, 2L and 4L Containers


Glass Net

A glass cleaner that works fast and without any effort, spreading lavender fragrance.

Glass Net cleans and shines all surfaces made of glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, tile or porcelain appliances and fixtures.
Packaging: 500cc and 4L containers.