We offer a large variety of detergents for households, all you need to keep your environment clean.

Our products combine efficiency and freshness.

Over the years, we gained customers' loyalty because we never bargain on quality while our prices are always competitive.


Hand and shower gel are offered in a skin friendly formula and several textures

A variety of of fragrances add freshness to your daily hygiene.

Sterile and Pure

Our main concern is to address the invisible bacteria and to exterminate it from homes.

A variety of disinfectants are available for different utilities.

Over the years our products gained customers' loyalty because efficiency is our aim while our prices are always competitive.


We offer a variety of products that provide personal beauty care for ladies and gents.

Our products are skin friendly and preserve your natural shine.

Hair Care

We offer a hair care products suitable for families and also for professionals.

Our products are scalp friendly and do not harm the quality of the hair.

Our prices are competitive and we offer large packaging to address the needs of hairdressers' salons, spas and health clubs.